The beach in November

The beach in November is beautiful. The clear autumn light makes everything glow. As you walk, wrapped in a fleece and nearly alone on the white sand, the full moon rises in the afternoon sky. You walk to the end of the pier and watch the cantaloupe-sized jellyfish riding the swells. A dog runs happily through the sand. A couple brave kids dip their toes in the surf. And then, as the blazing orange sun sinks into the water, you pull your jacket tighter and retreat to your warm motel room. The one with an ocean view that only cost you $80.

The beach in November is a little bit sad. The ghosts of  summer linger on the empty beaches, in the restaurants and hotels. The sand still bears the footprints of the hordes. You can imagine this place filled with sand-battered vacationers, the shuttered ice cream shop teeming with screaming children, the shoreline covered with coolers and umbrellas and plastic shovels. It wasn’t so long ago, and yet it has all vanished like smoke.

The beach in November reminds you to be careful what you wish for. Remember how hot and miserable this summer was? How you stayed inside and prayed for fall to come early? And now, here you are, with golden leaves floating on the crisp fall breeze. This beautiful autumn is everything you hoped for as you huddled in your air conditioned living room. And yet, as you stand on the beach with the leafless winter stretched out before you, you would give anything to be under that sweltering August sun once again. You dream of floating on the waves, reveling in summer one more time.

One thought on “The beach in November

  1. Hey there. This is wonderfully lyrical. Shop it to a literary magazine …. if those exist anymore? Seriously, it’s great.

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.